The Private Sale has started!

ApeiroX Private Sale

We implemented staking and token burn to provide a democratic and perhaps more profitable ecosystem governance structure.

Staking uses 40% of all fees received on the ApeiroX platform to purchase BNB every 10 minutes, which is then transferred into the staking contract. You can withdraw BNB you have earned at any moment based on the percentage or share you have in the pool. You can also withdraw at any moment if you wish to stop staking for whatever reason. The staking contract will be made public before the ApeiroX platform is released.

In addition, 10% of all fees received on the platform will be used to buy back some APX from the open market, with the APX purchased being burned. As a result, the number of APX in circulation will continue to decline, maintaining a deflationary model.

To be able to participate in the Private Sale, join the waitlist and get verified in a couple of hours.

Visit our Private Sales website at

Please endeavor to read up the new whitepaper and visit the tokenomics section to get a full picture of our offer.

Apeirox introduces blockchain technology, which provides blockchain benefits to business, and connect local suppliers to both domestic and international markets